"loading a new life..."


Say hello to novelty with Nevia…
With 22 years of experience, we have renovated Nevia as the new epoch desires.

Life rebirths with every dawn; no matter which age you are, sun rises with new hopes. Whilst welcoming their guests with the commitment of new life, Nevia aims for high quality medical services and happy environment. With Nevia, being elder is not the last chapter of your lives, but the beginning of a new one. With our specialist team, Nevia serves with the responsibility filtered by the Geriatrics Science.

Indicate your respect towards elderly with Nevia
Unfortunately; traditional societies are not successful at filtering their emotions whilst making decisions. The way we exhibit love is influenced by these irrational feelings. Since the feeling of not having professional help for our baby doesn’t make us good parents, not having professional help for our elderly doesn’t make us a better child. This process takes a lot of experience, knowledge and commitment. Nobody can be a well-trained doctor, nurse, cook, psychologist, cleaner and a guide at the same time. With the help of the specialist team of Nevia Elderly Care Homes; we ensure the love, care, respect, medical service and social environment that they need. Every member of Nevia Team exists for demonstrating the love and respect you feel for your parents.